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Best gaming PC: 7 of the top rigs you can buy in 2017

As we saw at CES 2017, PC gaming continues to innovate and inspire, frequently bridging the gap between the standards of today and tomorrow. Although 4K is still making its way to the masses, that hasn’t stopped Dell from taking... Continue Reading →


Blitab is a Braille device for visually impaired people

Meet Blitab, an Android tablet combined with a smart Braille surface. It’s one of the most affordable Braille devices out there and could change the way visually impaired people use computing devices. The company is participating in TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield... Continue Reading →

Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz will bring an AI-powered car to market next year Just when you thought CES 2017 was done with car news, Mercedes-Benz and Nvidia come to the rescue. The car maker and chip powerhouse have announced plans to bring a Nvidia AI-powered car to the market next year.“When our... Continue Reading →

LIVE: Watch Nvidia’s CES press conference

Nvidia’s press conference starts at 6:30 PM Pacific, 9:30 PM Eastern, 2:30 AM in London. Nvidia may have missed the smartphone boat, but the company accidentally became an essential chipmaker thanks to machine learning. Graphics processing units let developers run... Continue Reading →

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