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Nintendo might not be done boosting Switch production

It's no secret that Nintendo is facing a ton of demand for the Switch, to the point where it reportedly doubled production to keep up. Even that figure might be a tad conservative, however. The Financial Times' supply chain sources... Continue Reading →


The difference between smartphone gimmick and game changer

It’s hard to find a legitimately bad flagship phone these days. Sure, one peeks its head out from time to time, but on a whole most phones are pretty good. The screens, the cameras, the internals. There are always a... Continue Reading →

Sony’s latest E Ink tablet comes to the US in June

Did you see Sony's second-generation Digital Paper and realize you found your dream e-reader? If so, you'll get to do something about it very soon. Sony has announced that its latest 13.3-inch E Ink tablet (the DPT-RP1) will reach the... Continue Reading →

P2P lending unicorn Funding Circle raises another $100M led by Accel

Make way for another large fintech investment out of Europe. Funding Circle, the London-based peer-to-peer lending platform that lets small businesses connect with investors willing to lend them money, has raised another $100 million in funding of its own, led... Continue Reading →

Marissa Meyer to resign from Yahoo’s board of directors

Marissa Mayer has been virtually synonymous with Yahoo ever since she took the helm, but things are about to get a bit muddier now that the Verizon's acquisition is near closing. Yahoo has announced that Mayer, co-founder David Filo and four... Continue Reading →

Why Trello, a Simple To-Do App, Is Worth $425 Million

Atlassian is best known building software that helps coders build other software, including its own product management app, Jira. But it’s Trello that tends to inspire the sort of devotion usually reserved for consumer-oriented apps like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s... Continue Reading →

Blitab is a Braille device for visually impaired people

Meet Blitab, an Android tablet combined with a smart Braille surface. It’s one of the most affordable Braille devices out there and could change the way visually impaired people use computing devices. The company is participating in TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield... Continue Reading →

Trigger tells you when Trump tweets about your stocks

Very few people can move financial markets with their tweets, but like it or not, President-elect Donald Trump is one of them. And while you can’t do anything to prevent the madness, you can keep up with it using a... Continue Reading →

As connected hardware matures, investors pour more funding into fewer companies

The connected hardware space has undoubtedly gone through a renaissance over the last four years, with VCs nearly tripling their funding between 2012 and 2016. We gleaned some new data from Pitchbook around venture funding in IoT to get a... Continue Reading →

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